Are you ready for your next customer call? Are you SELLING... or just visiting?
In 2 minutes, you'll know the answer... SELLING!
  The "2-Minute Drill" is designed specifically for distributor sales reps in the Foodservice and Jan San industries who need to quickly capture the features, benefits, and product knowledge of items in the field, in two minutes or less.

The 2MD covers new products, target markets, and bundling opportunities for add-on sales, providing you with information that you can use IMMEDIATELY to boost your sales and delight your customers.

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Sterno Candle Lamp
Flameless Tabletop Lighting
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Packaging Corp. of America
Catering Boxes
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Sterno Candle Lamp Corp.
Choosing the Right Chafing Fuel
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International Paper
Hold & Go Hot Cups
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Sno-Plow Ice Melt
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Royal Paper Products
Folded Takout Boxes
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