who we are

Alliance Marketing was formed by the merger of two well-known Upstate New York agencies: Brown Marketing and Sofferin Associates. Dan Brown, Steve Sofferin, and their team focus over 100 years of combined selling experience to growing sales in their key market segments. Our expertise in these diverse areas allows us to achieve significant crossover sales gains for our manufacturers and distributors.

our history

1996 - Successfully merged Foodservice and Jan San business to improve market coverage and accessibility, formally creating Alliance Marketing.
1998 - Canadian market expansion in Toronto, including Sales office and vendor-managed warehousing facility.
2006 - Strategic successes enabled growth into larger Syracuse headquarters and the addition of our Director of Communications & Customer Support.
2007 - Hired an additional sales broker to enhance market presence and improve sales reach across Upstate NY.
2013 - Integrated the Packer Processor service offering into Alliance Marketing, rounding out our capabilities to contribute to our customers' growth both upstream and downstream.


We represent the finest manufacturers in the Foodservice Disposables, Jan San, and Packer Processor industries, with a focus on quality and service.

Alliance Marketing's cross-border commitment integrates a bundle of value-added services, including the operation of a forward warehouse in Toronto, Canada. We facilitate the flow of product from our manufacturers in a fully transparent environment. Our distributors and their customers never enter into the import/export process. We put our manufacturers on the same, level playing field as their international competitors.

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