Our Team of professionals

Steve Sofferin

"The rep adds value when he partners with both his distributor and his factory to secure meaningful end-user business. More pull-through sales mean more profits for all the companies involved."
Email: steve@best-rep.com

Dan Brown

"My approach to the sales agency model includes one vital ingredient: the development of strategic alliances between the distributors we work with and the manufacturers we represent."
Email: dan@best-rep.com

John Cerrone

"Our success is critically integrated with the success of our distributor partners, and our ability to help them drive buying habits. We all win when we work together to grow their business."
Email: john@best-rep.com

Kelly Cerrone

" 'Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you in the game. Service wins the game.’ Well said, Tony Allesandra!”
Email: kelly@best-rep.com